All your sales orders feed into one Sales Order dashboard in real time
All your sales orders feed into one Sales Order dashboard in real time

Order Management System delivers an OMS (order management system) providing a complete audit trail from point of sale through to fulfilment and despatch via your couriers.

We offer plug and play integrations with your eCommerce channels, meaning no development work is required.

Our OMS software simplifies and automates the multichannel sales order management process.

  • eCommerce website - plug and play
  • eCommerce marketplaces - plug and play
  • Sell in-store via ePos terminals
  • Telesales teams taking orders on PC
  • Field agents sitting face to face with clients taking orders on tablets

Real Time Inventory Management

  • Real time inventory control across all your channels
  • Cloud based OMS inventory control for unlimited users available across any device.
  • Multi location inventory management with automated replenishment and interbranch transfers
  • Manage purchase orders and goods in through our easy to use back office and on site with our Stock App.
  • Create and manage simple items, bundles and variable (parent & child) items through our intuitive dashboard.
  • Manage all your product data from one simple, intuitive dashboard.
  • Stock takes, stock adjustments and variance reports on all movements of stock.

eCommerce Listing Tools

Fast, Bulk eCommerce Listing

Once your products are into, list items at the click of your mouse to any of your eCommerce channels.

List simple items, bundles and variable (parent & child) items

Every channel can have unique prices, names, descriptions, images etc.

List the same SKU under different names to optimise your SEO and maximise sales

Manage the inventory that is shown on each channel

Bulk Editing and Updating Items

Make bulk updates to all your products across every channel from one dashboard.

Import bulk changes via the CSV importer.

Edit price, title, description, inventory, images and item attributes all through the bulk edit function.

Achieve economies of scale, by managing your items through

As changes are made in, we automatically push the changes through to your eCommerce channels in real time.

Fast and efficient bulk updates to all your channels from one dashboard.

Point of Sale (POS)

  • User friendly, cloud based ePos and stock control that comes seamlessly integrated with eCommerce channels and marketplaces.
  • Multi user and multi location, our ePos works online and offline across Windows, Android and iOS.
  • Train your staff in minutes.
  • POS for B2C and B2B

Sales Order Processing and Order Fulfilment

Sales Order Processing

All sales orders feed into the sales order dashboard in real time.

Use fulfilment rules to process your sales orders in bulk.

Sales orders may be part despatched, split as required between couriers or sent by consignment.

Fulfilment Rules & Scheduling

Fulfilment rules assign sales orders and items in sales orders to a courier and courier service.

Logic based rules set up in the back office give you complete control on how sales orders are fulfilled by your couriers.

Schedule fulfilment rules to run at times to suit your business.

Automate sales order processing to fit in with your courier collections, shift patterns and marketplace requirements.

Pick List Rules

Once Fulfilment Rules run, Pick List rules run automatically.

Pick List rules split items in your sales orders into Pick Lists, ready for your team to pick.

Logic based rules determine how items are assigned to Pick Lists.

Flexible rules put you in control of how Pick Lists are created.

Pick Lists can be linked to Pack Stations and the number of items on a list limited to fit your pick trolleys.

Digital Picking

Using the Stock App, enjoy the benefits of Digital Picking.

Scan items off the shelf to ensure the right items are picked in the right quantity.

Remove paper from your warehouse.


Packing station efficiency using barcode scanning, means you can improve packing accuracy and speed.

Pick up an item, scan it and the Goods Out Note will show.

Pack the items, print courier labels and despatch the order.

Courier Label Printing

Courier labels print either from the Stock App or the back office.

Print labels on a 6×4 printer or A4 printer.

A4 templates include options on sticky labels built into the the Goods Out Note.


When orders are packed and despatched, your eCommerce channel order status will update to “despatched.”

The courier tracking codes are sent automatically to your customers.

Couriers integrates with most of the major UK courier services including Royal Mail, DPD and Amazon Shipping.

We integrate with Parcelhub and Shiptheory.

All data is pushed directly to your courier at the point where sales orders are processed.

Courier labels can be printed on 6×4 label printers or on A4 delivery notes with the courier label built into the template.


Our order management system integrates with Xero pushes all sales orders through to Xero, assigned to customer accounts.

Account payments and part payments update existing sales orders in Xero.

Export sales data for Quickbooks and Sage accounting software, ready to import.

Adopt a digital warehouse and cut out your paper based processes
Adopt a digital warehouse and cut out your paper based processes

The Stock App

  • The perfect rugged tool for your team to complete daily tasks in your stock room or warehouse.
  • Use barcode scanning to improve speed and accuracy
  • Works online and offline
  • Goods In – barcode scan items in as you receive them.
  • Inventory across all channels updates in real time
  • Print barcode labels as you receive items
  • Stock Takes – complete rolling stock takes quickly and efficiently.
  • Picking – scan items off the shelf as you pick items to cut errors
  • Packing – scan items into packaging to cut errors and improve accuracy
  • Quickly split item into consignments or change packaging
  • Print Courier labels as you pack items
  • Despatch – notify couriers your shipments are ready for collection

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