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Pick, Pack and Despatch Sales Orders - Seamless Order Management and Warehouse Management Software

Fully automated sales order management software means you can schedule sales orders to be processed, using logic based fulfilment rules to assign sales orders and items in sales orders to a courier and courier service. All your sales orders arrive in the sales order dashboard in real time.

Once sales orders are processed, our Warehouse Management Software uses Pick List rules to automatically create Pick Lists and push to the Stock App ready to action. Pick in batches, zones, teams and in parallel to maximise efficiency. Scan items off the shelf to ensure accurate picking. At the Pack station, scan items as you pack, print courier labels and despatch.

eCommerce channels are automatically updated to despatch status and courier tracking codes are automatically sent to your customers. A full audit trail from point of sale through to despatch, placing you in control and helping your team fulfil more orders in less time.

Seamless Order Management Software and Warehouse Management Software Joins Up Your Business

Automated Sales Order Processing

Full Automation

A fully automated order management system and warehouse management system that integrates your entire business across ePos, sales and eCommerce channels

All your sales orders, from every channel, in real time, on one dashboard.

Bulk process sales orders, schedule sales order processing and automatically create and push pick lists straight to the hands of your team using our Stock App ready for Pick, Pack and Despatch via your couriers.

Fulfil sales orders across multiple locations managed from one dashboard

Exceed Customer Expectation

Automate your sales order processing using logic-based fulfilment rules

Fulfilment rules assign sales orders and items in sales orders to a location, courier and courier service.

Don’t miss orders, send out the wrong items or miss items from pick lists.

Exceed customer expectations with fast, accurate picking, packing and shipping, 

Turbocharge your customer care and automatically send out courier tracking codes

Save Money and Time

Don’t hire more staff to manage manual order processing

Save money and time using to optimize your process and fulfilment workflows

Remove data entry, human error and time lags using


Find out more about our sales ordering processing

Accurate, Efficient Picking

Pick Lists are Created Automatically

Once sales orders are processed, logic-based Pick List rules automatically create Pick Lists.

Pick List rules are flexible and designed to support your business model.

Pick Lists are pushed automatically to the Stock App, ready for your team to start picking.

Distribute Pick Lists across multiple locations or zones in your warehouse

Optimize process with individuals and teams picking in parallel.

Accurate Picking

Pick Lists arrive automatically on the Stock App ready for your team to start picking

The Stock App uses barcode scanning to support accurate picking.

Barcode scanning improves accuracy and provides a complete audit trail across your fulfilment process

Scan items off the shelf as they are picked to maximise pick accuracy

Prevent costly downstream errors by reducing errors at the pick stage

Simple and quick to train your team and seasonal workers on our intuitive Stock App.

Pick List Strategy 

Single Picks: Pick sales orders one at a time

Batch Picks: Pick all items batched from multiple sales orders into one Pick List

Zonal Picks: Batch Pick sales orders and break picks up by zones in your stock room or warehouse

Parallel Picks: Break batch picks up into zones or teams – batch pick in parallel 

Wave Picks: Schedule sales orders to process and push picks to your team when they start shifts

Pick Lists Linked To Packing Stations

To maximise fulfilment efficiency, create pick lists according to packing station logic

Separate Picks for single or multi-item pack stations

Separate Picks for fragile, heavy, valuable or bulky item pack stations


Streamlined Packing



– Streamline your packing process with’s slick pack station features

– Improve packing accuracy using barcode scanning and cut down on costly errors

– Full audit trail by user and items packed to minimise errors


Pack Station Efficiency


When the picking trolley arrives, simply pick up the first item, scan it:

If only one item, once scanned and packed, automatically prints out your courier label and despatches the item

– If multiple items to pack, scan in extra items and automatically prints out your courier label and despatches the item once the last item is scanned.


Once despatched, completes the following actions:


1. Sends courier tracking code to your eCommerce channel and customers

2. Updates your eCommerce channels order status to Despatched

3. Updates your couriers that the package is ready to collect

4. Updates your sales orders and inventory in to despatched

Courier Integrations

Courier Labels integrates with the major UK couriers pushes all customer and delivery information to your Couriers
Cut out data entry and human error saving time and money

Courier Labels on Goods Out Notes

Incorporate your courier labels into your Goods Out Notes
Bulk print your Goods Out Notes on A4 and peel off courier labels as you pack
Different templates to suit your business

Printing Labels from The Stock App

Connect your Stock App to your Pack station printer
Quickly find a new printer when you move pack stations
When you are ready to print, click the print icon and your courier label is printed


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