Multi-Channel Order Management and Multi-Location Warehouse Management
Multi-Channel Order Management and Multi-Location Warehouse Management

Automate Your Sales Order Processing

If automation is your goal, we can help transform your process.

All your sales orders, from every sales channel, processed, split into batch picks and pushed in real time to handheld PDA scanners for your team to pick, pack and dispatch.

  • Schedule Fulfilment Rules to run automatically.
  • Pick Rules run automatically and create batch Pick Lists.
  • Assign sales orders to be picked and packed across multiple locations - stores or warehouses.
  • Assign batch picks by zone or team across multiple locations.
  • Part dispatch sales orders from different locations.
  • Automatically create and push pick lists straight to the hands of your team using our Stock App ready for Pick, Pack and Despatch via your couriers.
  • Cut pick and pack errors using barcode scanning.
  • Improve accountability, accuracy and speed.
  • Don’t send out the wrong items or the wrong quantities.
  • Exceed customer expectations with fast, accurate order fulfilment.
  • Don’t hire more staff to manage manual processes, automate with and scale your business.

Fulfilment Rules and Pick List Rules - How They Work

Fulfilment Rules

Fulfilment Rules are logic-based rules that process sales orders as they arrive in

Fulfilment Rules assign your sales orders or items in sales orders to couriers and courier services or freight services.

As you process sales orders in, all the shipping information is pushed directly to your courier.

Cut out data input and human error and process sales orders in bulk.

If you want to maintain control of which sales orders are processed and when, select sales orders manually in the sales order dashboard and only process those orders.

Mix and match automation and manual processing to fit your business model.

Pick Rules

Once Fulfilment Rules have run, Pick Rules can be set to run automatically – Pick Rules can be run manually as required.

Pick Rules use logic to break up sales orders into Batch Pick Lists.

Many of our customers use a mix of automation and manual tasks to manage the creation of Pick Lists.

For some customers, Picks need to be separated into “small” “medium and “large” items to match trolleys or “totes”.

For others, Picks need to be separated into B2C and B2B orders.

Our Pick Rules logic engine is designed to support real world use cases and help you streamline as much as possible, saving you time and money on manual tasks.

Picks can be broken up across warehouses or sent to shops for pick, pack and dispatch.

Picks can be split across zones, teams or individuals in a warehouse.

Fulfilment & Picks Rules can be scheduled to match shift patterns or courier collection times.

Picking - Accurate, Fast and Accountable

  • If your team are using the Stock App, Pick Lists are pushed automatically to their handhelds, ready to start picking.
  • Assign team members to pick specific lists & prioritise picks.
  • Paper Pick Lists are available for printing in the back office.
  • Some customers prefer to pick from Goods Out Notes, which can be printed in bulk, come with a unique barcode and when scanned, bring up the Goods Out Note on the back office, ready for Packing.
  • The Stock App works with barcoded and non-barcoded items.
  • Using the Stock App for picking improves speed, accuracy and accountability on picks.
  • Using barcode scanning, the Stock App lets your team know when they have picked the right item or the wrong item using success and error sounds.
  • The Stock App alerts your team if Items have been missed, or too many items have been scanned with error sounds.
  • Pick using pallets, “totes”, baskets or single orders.
  • Prevent costly downstream errors by reducing errors during picks.
  • Our App is simple and quick to train your team and seasonal workers on.
  • Pick Lists are flexible and support Single Picks, Batch Picks, Zonal Picks, Parallel Picks & Wave Picks.
  • To maximise fulfilment efficiency, create pick lists according to packing station logic.
  • Separate Picks by courier, item type or single & multi-item pack stations.
  • Separate Picks for fragile, heavy, valuable, bulky or pallet pack stations.

Packing & Dispatch

Flexible Packing To Suit Your Business Model

We have focussed on making the packing station as flexible as possible to help support all the different business models and processes our customers employ to pack and dispatch orders.

Pack using a PC, Tablet or the Stock App on a PDA. Pack with or without scanners.

Goods Out Notes are fully editable (please see video below) and users can change courier and courier service, edit shipping address, change packaging or weight and create consignments on the fly.

Pack Using the Stock App

Use the Stock App to pack and benefit from a flexible, mobile device (please see video below).

  • Using “tote” packing, scan the “tote barcode” and pick up the first item in the “tote”, scan it – the associated Goods Out Note opens automatically.
  • Scan items as you pack to cut Packing Errors.
  • The Stock App makes error sounds if the wrong item, not enough or too many items are scanned and packed.
  • Print courier labels on demand.

Pack from a Printed Goods Out Note

  • Scan the barcode on the Goods Out Note.
  • The Goods Out Note opens on the back Office.
  • Scan goods in as you pack.
  • The back office will make error sounds if the wrong item, not enough or too many items are scanned and packed.
  • Print courier labels on demand.

Dispatch Items

Once items are packed and dispatched either on Stock App or Back Office:

  • Click despatch and the sale order on your eCommerce channel is updated to “despatched” status.
  • The courier tracking code is sent to your customer.
  • Your courier is notified that the parcel is ready for collection.

The Stock App

  • The perfect rugged tool for your team to complete daily tasks in your stock room or warehouse.
  • Works with and without barcodes, online and offline.
  • Use barcode scanning to improve accuracy, speed and accountability.
  • Android App works across a range of rugged handheld PDA devices.
  • The perfect tool for your team to manage and complete.
  • Receive stock – Goods In.
  • Returns.
  • Move Stock.
  • Interbranch Transfers.
  • Stock Takes.
  • Picks.
  • Packing.
  • Courier Label Printing.
  • Barcode Label Printing.

Courier Label Printing

6x4 Label Printers

Print on 6×4 label printers.

Print in bulk or as you pack items.

A4 Templates

Print your courier labels on A4 templates that incorporate your Goods Out Notes.

A variety of templates are available.

Print in bulk or as you pack items.

Printing from the Stock App

The Stock App joins local printers easily and quickly via wifi.

This means your team can move from picking to packing and to other warehouse tasks throughout the day.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Custom reports and dashboards provide real time insight for your management and warehouse teams.

Customise one of the many standard reporting or dashboard templates or create new bespoke reports and dashboards from any data point in

Warehouse management reports and dashboards keep you up to date on new sales orders, open Picks, open Goods Out Notes and staff performance.

View the total number of picks completed, average time for a pick, Goods out Notes packed and the average time to pack.

Track daily performance on dashboards to motivate and incentivise teams.

Use real time reports to stay on top of daily tasks and identify which team members shine and which require training.

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