About Us

In 2011 we ran a digital marketing agency developing eCommerce Apps and websites in Magento and WooCommerce. We delivered a range of digital marketing services to retailers looking to grow sales online.

Our customers were asking us to integrate their ePos, stock control and eCommerce platforms.  We soon realised this was complex and pretty frustrating work, but we could see the value our customers were chasing – the holy grail of seamless multichannel retail.

We soon realised that there was no software available in the UK for retailers that delivered genuinely seamless, plug and play ePos, multi-channel eCommerce and fulfilment.

The lightbulbs went on and Stok.ly was born!

For a few years we were just three guys in a room coding, selling and trying to deliver a stable platform that could support hundreds and eventually thousands of customers.

In 2018 we took our first investment.

There have been a few more rounds of investment and we partnered with a Venture Capital firm, Midven, who have been with us every step of the way since. 

Midven’s support was a critical factor in our success and we made a great choice partnering with them.

Growing the software platform from its infancy has been a true rollercoaster ride and incredibly satisfying. We thank all those who adopted us early and stuck with us through thick and thin. Your feedback, support and belief in the vision has made all this possible.

Today we are a fast growing business working with many exciting brands and family run businesses across the UK, who sell instore, online, via telesales and field sales across many platforms and in many verticals.

Over the years we have grown into a software platform that supports high volume eCommerce sales, order processing and automated warehouse fulfilment.

We have always had the dream to deliver a software platform that helped retailers grow sales, cut costs and save time.

We will never stop working towards this goal.

Innovation is at the heart of what we do.

Delivering excellent customer support is what we strive for.

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