Multi-Channel, Multi-Currency Order Management & Warehouse Management for B2C & B2B
Multi-Channel, Multi-Currency Order Management & Warehouse Management for B2C & B2B

Product Information Management becomes the master and holds all your product data on one dashboard.

Product data is mapped to each channel and all data is pushed to update each channel.

Think of a hub and spoke model, we are the hub holding all your data, and the transactional front ends like websites or POS are the spokes pulling and pushing updates, in real time, across all your channels and locations.

Make a change in in the back office or in bulk via the CSV and all changes are pushed in real time to your POS, eCommerce channels and B2B sales channels.

For example, have different prices for each eCommerce channel, different prices for each shop and bespoke trade pricing for B2B customers, all managed from one dashboard.

  • Mapping attributes to each channel puts you in complete control.
  • Unlimited custom attributes and pricing attributes.
  • Permission controlled, edit attributes and product data on one dashboard
  • Bulk upload changes into via CSV for hundreds or thousands of items across multiple channels and updates all your items on each channel in real time.
  • All your product data, in one dashboard, puts your team in control.

Multichannel eCommerce: Mapping, Listing & Editing

  • Plug and Play Integrations
  • plugs straight into the major eCommerce website and marketplace platforms.
  • An Open API is available for custom platforms and apps.
  • Map attributes to each channel giving you complete control over pricing, images, titles, descriptions and more on every channel.
  • List items in bulk to each channel from the back office.
  • One dashboard to control the items listed to each channel.
  • Edit items directly from the back office or in bulk via a CSV import.
  • Enjoy the benefits of creating an item once in and listing it multiple times at the click of your mouse.
  • Please see the example videos below on listing and editing.

Sell in Multi-Currency, Fix Exchange Rate At Point Of Invoice & Part Dispatch & Part Invoice Sales Orders
Sell in Multi-Currency, Fix Exchange Rate At Point Of Invoice & Part Dispatch & Part Invoice Sales Orders

Multi-Currency Sales Orders

Sales orders filter into the “sales order dashboard” in real time, from each channel, ready to process via fulfilment rules.

Sales orders are fully editable until they have been invoiced, although invoices can be voided and orders edited (Please see video below).

Sales Orders can arrive from eCommerce as part paid or unpaid.

As the Payment is completed in eCommerce, this updates the order in (you can also add payments directly to the sales order in

Sales orders can be part dispatched and part invoiced.

Set the currency of a Sales Order and fix the rate at point of invoice.

Sales Orders:

  • Add Tags to a Sales Order
  • Add comments for colleagues in sales order.
  • Set Ship By date for forward orders.
  • Add “special instructions” for couriers & freight.
  • Create Sales Orders in, Import & Export Sales Invoices.
  • Review Payments, Credit Notes and Invoices made against a sales order.
  • View the associated Goods Out Notes for a sales order.
  • View the synch status of a sales order with your Accounting Software.

Multi-Currency Point of Sale

User friendly, cloud based ePos comes seamlessly integrated with eCommerce channels and marketplaces.

Enjoy the benefit of real time, multi-channel inventory control.

Multi-Location and Multi-Currency, our ePos works online and offline across windows, Android and iOS.

For Shops

  • User permissions
  • Gift vouchers
  • Returns
  • Manage customers
  • Email or print receipts
  • Deposits and Lay-aways
  • Full customer order history
  • Offer home delivery
  • Add notes to sales orders and customer history
  • Automated and Discretionary discounts
  • Create Custom Items on the fly
  • Real time inventory management
  • End of Day reports

Trade Desks & B2B

  • User permissions
  • Manage Returns
  • Manage Customers Accounts
  • Credit Limits and Credit Terms
  • Trade Pricing and Trade Discounts
  • Quotes
  • Customer Account Passwords and PINs
  • Full customer order history
  • Sales by Invoice and Card/Cash
  • Print A4 Tax invoices or standard barcoded receipts
  • Real time inventory management
  • Manage Delivery
  • Add notes to sales orders and customer history
  • Add Reference to an invoice
  • Automated and Discretionary discounts
  • Full custom discounts to cart or specific items
  • Create Custom Items on the fly and apply description, price & tax
  • End of Day reports

Manage all your B2B sales channels and warehouse through one system
Manage all your B2B sales channels and warehouse through one system

B2B, Phone & Field Sales

Our order taking portal sits on your Windows PC, Android Devices and iPad.

All functionality listed below is available on PCs, laptops and tablets for sales teams in the field.

A fast and easy way to add sales orders into

  • User permissions.
  • Manage Customers Accounts.
  • Credit Limits and Credit Terms.
  • Trade Pricing and Trade Discounts.
  • Quotes (email direct to customer or print A4).
  • Customer Account Passwords and PINs.
  • Full customer order history.
  • Sales on Account, Invoice, Bank Transfer and Card/Cash
  • Integrated with virtual Payment Gateways.
  • Print or email A4 Tax Invoices.
  • Email sales order confirmation and invoices.
  • View live inventory by SKU across all locations.
  • Manage Delivery.
  • Add notes to sales orders and customer history.
  • Add Reference to an invoice.
  • Automated and Discretionary Trade Discounts.
  • Full custom discounts to cart or specific items.
  • Create Custom Items on the fly and apply description, price & tax.
  • Manage, create and email Return Documents to customers.
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards.

Open API

The Open API provides access to all the data held in your account.

Use the Open API and make use of’s powerful functionality from within your own applications.

We have developed a modern, fast and lightweight API based on proven technologies (HTTP, JSON) and design principles (REST). 

Our customers integrate a variety of 3rd party apps, SaaS and reporting software into via the Open API.

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Custom reports and dashboards provide real time insight for your management, finance, buying, eCommerce and warehouse teams.

Customise one of the many standard reporting or dashboard templates or create new bespoke reports and dashboards from any data point in

Sales reports and dashboards keep you up to date on new sales orders, customers and suppliers.

Break sales out into region, location, channel, category, supplier, brand and sales person.

Review sales team performance in real time across quotes, sales orders and invoiced sales.

Drill into your eCommerce sales channels and understand what products are driving profits and which items are tying up cash.

Accounting Integrations

  • integrates with all the major UK cloud accounting platforms.
  • Integrations with specialist Accounting Platforms including AccountsIQ & iPlicit.
  • The integrations are plug and play and offer granular mapping to nominal codes.
  • Synchronise Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Returns and Credit Notes, Customers and Items.
  • Please watch the video below on mappings to nominal codes.

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