Retail reports and customer insight tools that deliver meaningful, actionable insight.

Advanced reporting for retailers, accessible on any device, any time, in the cloud. View what’s happening in each location and on every sales channel in one reporting suite.

One view, puts you and your team in control and supports critical decision making in real time. Reports use graphs and dashboards to make the data easy to understand. Compare trends across time to gain a clear understanding of performance.

Customer Insight Tools, using logic based rules, segment your customers in real time by behaviour and purchase history.

The reporting and insight suite is interactive, intuitive and enables users to easily export data into CSVs or print off PDFs..

Real-time reporting across all locations and channels, available on any device, any time

Reporting and Insight

  • Drive sales growth and cut operating expense using the reporting suite
  • Extensive reporting suite and insight tools utilising dashboards to provide clarity
  • Interactive reporting designed for retailers that delivers meaningful, actionable insight.
  • Access reporting across your entire business in one reporting suite
  • Big picture dashboards with click through for granular detail
  • Real time data across instore, online, customers, suppliers, warehouse and employees.
  • Reports accessed via the cloud in real time, empowers your team to make the right decisions
  • Understand which products drive the profit in your business across each channel
  • Understand the customers who drive profit in your business and their buying behaviour
  • Understand which suppliers and categories drive profit across each channel
  • Generate accurate demand and purchase order planning based on detailed sales history
  • reports deliver actionable insight that drives sales growth, cuts costs and creates loyal customers
  • Upload historical sales data to deliver reporting continuity
  • Empower your team to make the right decisions with powerful insights in real time

Sales Insight

  • Access your sales data across every channel in easy to read dashboard style reports
  • Interactive, flexible, click through reporting delivers game changing insight
  • Enable collaboration between teams viewing reports in real time
  • Comparison reporting across daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly
  • Custom date ranges
  • Export PDFs of dashboards
  • Export CSV of underlying data tables

Customer Insights

Capture Customer Data

Capture customer data in-store, online and via sales teams.


Customer data can also be imported and exported via CSV.


Customers using eCommerce channels are automatically added to your customer table if they are new customers.


Create customer groups and use logic based rules to understand more about their buying behaviour.

Segment your customers

Using logic-based rules, segment customers by behaviour in real-time.


Understand which customers drive your profit. 


Link customer groups and individuals to discounts, promotions and rewards.


Analyse who buys what, when and via which channel.


Real-time notification when customers change buying behaviour and spend less or stop purchasing from you.

Personalise your marketing

Personalise your marketing to turbocharge your return on investment.


Using purchase history to upsell and cross sell, send email marketing promoting products to the customers most likely to buy them.


Use the “customers who bought this, also bought these products” report to optimise product pages on your website for complimentary products.

Employee Reports

Employee Insights


Analyse the sales performance of your team:

By hour, day, week, month, quarter and year

  • Total sales
  • Number of baskets
  • Average items in the basket
  • Average basket value
  • # discounts applied.
  • # returns completed.

Graphs show comparative performance between team members.

Identify your winners and those staff who need support and training.

Create effective staff rotas based on peak sales periods and your best salespeople.

Suppliers and Product Reports

Supplier Insights

Understand which suppliers are driving your profit and which are not

Analyse supplier performance by channel, category and sku

Custom date range

Comparison reporting across daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly

Make effective purchase order decisions based on performance data


Product Insights

Understand which products are driving your profit and which cost you money

Understand how products perform differently across channels and locations

Gain insight into stock turn rates

Custom date range

Comparison reporting across daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly

Make effective purchase order decisions based on performance data

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