The Onboarding Process - 7 Gateways to Go Live


During discovery we focus on:

  1. People: Create an org chart of your business and the key points of contact for each department.
  2. Integrations: Gain access to your eCommerce channels to review your product data, plug-ins and any site customisation.
  3. Products: Review product data with your team and clarify any points of interest on simple, composite and variable items.
  4. Feature Requirements: Capture any feature requirements that were not captured during the sales process.

Create and sign off Project Plan:

We create an Onboarding Project Plan in Trello, project management software for your review and sign off.

The project plan includes:

  1. Tasks: The key tasks that need to be completed to successfully onboard your business
  2. Timeline: Expected timelines to complete tasks and the entire project
  3. Gateways: Key sign off points on tasks and training.

The Build:

Your dedicated account manager works with your team to complete the tasks contained in the Onboarding Project Plan.

This phase is broken into two stages:

  1. Core: This stage focuses on eCommerce integrations, Items Data, Purchasing and Fulfilment (Pick, Pack and Dispatch via courier and freight)
  2. Stage Two: Custom Reports, Accounting Integrations and other tasks.

User Acceptance Testing:

If we have developed any bespoke features for your business, this stage focuses on the User Acceptance Testing and Sign Off of those features.


This phase focuses on training your teams to use

We utilise training videos, online meetings and onsite training to ensure your teams are ready to use on Day 1 of going live.

We follow a “Train the Trainer” approach to help ensure your team members are empowered to train and support colleagues.

Your Dedicated Account Manager is on hand to support training requirements after the onboarding phase.

Sign Off:

We achieve sign off from your teams and key contact and agree a Go Live date.

Data Cutover & Go Live

Your account manager uploads your inventory, we synchronise items with all sales channels and becomes the master system.

We take live.

Timelines for Onboarding

Every business is different, but if you have a few eCommerce channels and sell B2C or B2B, the following timelines should provide a rough guide.

Companies with larger teams (more than 25 users) may take longer as we manage more complexity across sales channels, items, locations and training.

We usually allow 1 week for the discovery phase. This provides flexibility to coordinate meetings with your teams.

The Core Onboarding should take between 3-5 weeks

After Core Onboarding you will be ready to trade on

Stage Two of onboarding may take 2-3 weeks while we finalise details around reporting and accounting.

We usually say Onboarding should last between 6-12 weeks depending on the complexity of sales channels, Items and training, and of course, the availability of your team.

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