Real Time Multi-channel, Multi location, Multi-Currency Inventory Management
Real Time Multi-channel, Multi location, Multi-Currency Inventory Management

Cloud Based Stock Control for B2C & B2B Sales

Real-Time Control

Always be in control with real-time inventory management. Your inventory is automatically synced across all channels: ePos, eCommerce and your sales teams. Replace manual, time consuming tasks with automation and cut costs. Never sell anything you don’t have. 

Automate your purchase orders and multi-location replenishment to maximise profitability and minimise cost.

Real-Time Updates

As an item is sold on your website or you receive goods into your storeroom or warehouse, inventory updates in real-time across every channel. Manage the “stock available” shown on each channel using our clever inventory tools.

Cut Costs 

Don’t hire extra staff to manage inventory and listing across your eCommerce channels, automates the process for you. Remove data errors and time lags and never miss out on selling stock you hold, but haven’t had time to list or update.

Multi-Location Warehouse Management (WMS)’s multi-channel, multi-location WMS provides B2C and B2B retailers with complete visibility of inventory, by rack location, across every location, in real time.

View stock on hand, on order, in quarantine and sold but not yet picked & packed by location.

View a complete history of all transactions against an SKU including adjustments, goods In, sales, returns and transfers.

View the stock movement history by SKU, team member or location.

Manage inventory levels using min and max levels and automate Purchase Ordering and Replenishment.

Transition to a paperless warehouse using the Stock App and reduce data entry, human error and time lags that cost your business money.

Replace paper based systems with digital processes that improve the accuracy, speed and accountability of daily tasks.

Interbranch Transfers

A Complete Audit Trail delivers multi-location inventory management with a full audit trail on stock movements between stores, warehouses and rack locations.

Creating stock transfers should be quick and easy. If this isn’t the case, teams skip tasks which results in inaccurate inventory and lost stock.

Create manual Stock Transfers that create picks for your warehouse team.

Teams scan the stock as they pick and pack transfers.

Teams scan stock in at the destination and provide an audit trail on completed and part received transfers.

Automate stock transfers using Replenishment rules to help ensure your stock is where you need it.

Using quick transfer tools in Goods In to receive and transfer stock quickly between locations.

Multi-Currency Purchase Orders and Multi-Location Replenishment

  • Use logic based rules to automate the creation of Purchase Orders ready for review and editing. PO’s require approval (permission controlled) before sending directly to your suppliers from
  • Create Purchase Orders in multi-currency
  • Full audit trail of Goods Received against a PO and any unexpected or unreceived items.
  • Set the expected delivery date by SKU line item.
  • Add landed costs to a Purchase Order with their own variable tax rates.
  • Part pay and invoice a Purchase Order.
  • Fix exchange rates at the point of invoicing.
  • Distribute landed costs across purchased items by volume, weight or value to extract an accurate “Landed Cost Price”.
  • Use logic based rules to manage multi-location replenishment.
  • Logic based rules automatically create interbranch stock transfers ready for review and approval.
  • Run replenishment by location, supplier or for every SKU below its min quantity in the Inventory Warnings Report.
  • Stock Transfers create pick lists for your warehouse team to scan items off the shelf, pack and dispatch.
  • Receiving teams scan stock in providing transparency and accountability for completed and part received transfers.
  • Incorporate your Supplier Inventory feeds into and feed into eCommerce listings.


Accept returns on the fly using the back office or the Stock App.

Returns in-store are handled via the ePos terminal.

Customer services and sales teams can create and open Returns Documents and email them to customers directly from the back office.

Receive returns against an open Returns Document.

Inspect items upon receipt and either accept into stock or mark as blemished and leave in quarantine for further inspection.

Once an item has been returned and inspected, refund or exchange items. updates the Item on the original sales order to “returned” status, creates a Credit Note and pushes this information through to your accounts package.

Exchanged or “resend” items are automatically pushed into the Sales Order Dashboard to be processed, picked and packed.


Complex Bundles and Composite Items

Manage complex composites and bundles using manages the underlying inventory of a composite, as each bundle is sold. calculates on the fly how many bundles you can make from the underlying inventory of items making up that bundle.

Create Units of Measure for a composite to manage purchasing and cost price.

Buy composites/ bundles from your suppliers and receive as simple items.

Part dispatch bundles, leaving items in the bundle on back order.

Receive returns of simple items within a bundle and “refund”, “resend” or “exchange”.

List the same item as a simple item, as part of a bundle and as a Parent and Child variation.

Bulk update and edit bundles across all channels, online and in-store.

The Stock App

The perfect rugged tool for your team to complete daily tasks in your stock room or warehouse.

Works with and without barcodes, online and offline.

Use barcode scanning to improve accuracy, speed and accountability.

Android App works across a range of rugged handheld PDA devices.

The perfect tool for your team to manage and complete:

• Receive Stock – Goods In
• Returns
• Move Stock
• Interbranch Transfers
• Stock Takes
• Picks
• Packing
• Courier Label Printing
• Barcode Label Printing

Custom Reports & Dashboards

Real Time Data

Custom reports and dashboards provide real time insight for your management, finance, buying, eCommerce and warehouse teams.

Customise one of the many standard reporting or dashboard templates or create new bespoke reports and dashboards from any data point in

Custom reporting on products, suppliers, purchasing, customers and sales place your team in control.

Custom sales dashboards deliver engaging overviews of sales performance by channel, category, location, currency, sales person and suppliers.

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