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Real time, multichannel inventory management offers retailers real time inventory management across every channel, instore and online. Our cloud based, multi-location Inventory Control is designed for retailers and makes stock transfers, stock takes and stock adjustments simple and fast to complete with a full audit trail.

Inventory updates across every channel happen in real time, meaning no more problems selling items that have run out of stock. automates inventory control, removing manual tasks and human error from your teams day to day processes.’s range of insight tools and advanced reports help your team accurately forecast demand.

Efficient purchasing helps you run a lean inventory and free up cash to invest in more stock winners. Purchase Orders are created automatically from Inventory Warnings to save time.

The Stock App helps your team to complete day to day tasks in your warehouse such as Goods In, Stock Takes, Picking and Packing quickly and efficiently.

Multi location, real-time, multi-channel inventory management

Cloud Based Stock Control

Real-Time Control

Always be in control with’s real-time inventory management, as your inventory is synced across all channels: ePos, eCommerce and your sales teams. You can replace manual tasks with automation and cut costs. Never sell anything you don’t have. 

Automate your purchase orders to maximise profitability and minimise cost.

Real-Time Updates

As an item is sold on your website, inventory updates in real-time across every channel, you receive goods into your storeroom or warehouse, automatically updates the inventory on every channel in real-time. Manage the “stock available” shown on each channel using our clever inventory tools.

Cut Costs 

Don’t hire extra staff to manage inventory and listing across your eCommerce channels, automates the process for you. Remove data errors and time lags and never miss out on selling stock you hold, but haven’t had time to list.


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Automate Inventory and Demand Planning

  • Total Control of Inventory Planning
    Use advanced reporting and insight tools to create meaningful inventory forecasts and understand buying behaviour across each channel. Benefit from data-driven replenishment and control inventory across multiple channels and locations accurately ensuring you hold stock where and when you need it.
  • Invest in Winners and Cut Losers
    Manage stock levels against critical KPIs to reduce stock holding costs and use Best Seller and Stock Turn reports to invest in product winners. Use customer analysis to help plan purchasing across seasons and quickly identify overstocked or low margin SKUs draining your cash flow.
  • Insights that improve cashflow
    Understand buying trends of customers based on frequency or value of the purchase and understand how different products sell across different channels. Analyse and compare suppliers and brand sales across all channels for every category with providing actionable insight that drives profitable growth and cuts wasteful cost.

Purchase Orders & Supplier Management

Automate purchase orders and replenishment, saving time and cutting costs.

Incorporate your Supplier Inventory feeds into and feed into eCommerce listings.

Run a lean inventory releasing cash to invest in your product best sellers

Create Purchase Orders and select the supplier with the lowest price points per SKU

Set minimum stock holding quantities that when breached, automatically create purchase orders ready for editing and approval.

Receive inventory update feeds from your suppliers that automatically update all your channels

Receive Goods In against Purchase Orders

View variance reports on stock expected versus stock delivered

View sales history, stock “on order” and “on-hand” when planning purchases

View supplier lead times

Flag Purchase Orders past the due date or part received

The Stock App

The perfect rugged tool for your team to complete daily tasks in your stock room or warehouse

Android App works across a range of rugged handheld devices 

Link the App to courier label printers and streamline your pick and pack process

Works online and offline

Pulls and Pushes data in real-time to/from the back office

The perfect tool for your team to manage and complete:

Receive stock – Goods In

Stock Takes


Packing, Label Printing & Despatch


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