Xero POS

Seamless Xero, POS and eCommerce integrations

Stok.ly offers a seamless integration with your Xero, POS and eCommerce channels. Xero Accounting plugs straight into Stok.ly with no development work required. All your sales orders from POS are pushed straight into Xero. All your eCommerce sales are pushed straight to Xero. Stok.ly joins up POS, Xero and eCommerce to put you in control of your business and cut out manual, time consuming tasks.

Our Xero POS integration helps you cut costs, save time and grow your sales with Stok.ly.

Xero POS for retail

If you sell in-store and online and use Xero, Stok.ly is designed to support your business and help you solve your most pressing challenges.

Stok.ly delivers real-time inventory control over POS, websites and your eCommerce marketplaces.

We provide UK Retailers with a seamless, user-friendly approach to POS, stock control and sales order fulfilment, delivered via the cloud and all linked seamlessly with your Xero accounts package.

Manage your online and in-store business through a single dashboard, accessible anytime, anywhere on any device to unlimited users.

Stok.ly offers a plug and play Xero solution, meaning there is no development work required to join up your ePos and Xero channels.

Our ePos is used in flagship department stores in Covent Garden right through to many family businesses across the country.

Cust costs, save time and grow your sales with Stok.ly.

Xero POS

  • User friendly, cloud based POS, stock control and fulfilment that comes seamlessly integrated with your Xero, website and eCommerce marketplaces.
  • Stok.ly captures critical data on ePos and Xero sales, suppliers, customers, stock and employees. This means you can access meaningful insight through our reports, helping you drive sales growth while cutting costs.
  • Manage your Xero and POS business through a single dashboard, accessible anytime, anywhere on any device for unlimited users.
  • Multi user and multi location, our ePos works online and offline across windows, android and iOS.
  • Train your staff in minutes.

Multichannel eCommerce


Stok.ly plugs straight into your Xero accounts package 

Stok.ly delivers real-time communication with each ePos, website and eCommerce channel, pulling and pushing data.

This means we offer real-time inventory across all your ePos and eCommerce channels.

Manage all your products, on every eCommerce channel, from one dashboard which gives you total control of your business.

List your products in bulk to all your eCommerce and ePos channels at the click of your mouse.

Bulk edit product data across multiple channels and upload at the click of your mouse.


Inventory control


Real-time inventory control across your ePos and eCommerce channels.

Cloud-based inventory control for unlimited users is available across any device.

Multi-location inventory management with interbranch transfers

Simply scan your stock into Stok.ly and in real-time, all your inventory across every channel is updated.

Create and print off barcodes at receipt of goods to run a fully barcoded warehouse

Create and manage simple items, bundles and variable (parent & child) items through our intuitive dashboard. 

Manage, edit and update all your product data from one simple, intuitive warehouse management dashboard and push automatically through to all your channels

Stok.ly offers a unique product management solution, as a true hub for all your sales channels.

Find out more about Real-time multichannel inventory


Purchase orders and demand planning


Our integrated Xero POS system delivers seamless, integrated inventory data across your business meaning you make the right decisions about replenishing and purchasing.

Never run out of stock with our real time inventory warnings, across multi locations

Create purchase orders at the click of a mouse from your inventory warnings, review and send

Our advanced sales, supplier and product reporting and insight tools mean you and your team have real time data insight to make the right decisions.

Use our product demand analysis and our customer behaviour analysis tools to buy the right products in the right quantities from the lowest priced supplier.


Our POS integrates seamlessly with Xero

Stok.ly pushes all POS sales orders through to Xero, assigned to customer accounts.

Stok.ly pushes all eCommerce sales orders through to Xero, assigned to customer accounts.

Account payments and part payments update existing sales orders in Xero.

Export sales data for Quickbooks and Sage accounting software, ready to import on CSV.


Stok.ly’s Xero POS system integrates with most of the major UK courier services.

All data is pushed directly to your courier at the point where sales orders are processed.

Courier labels can be printed on 6×4 label printers or on A4 delivery notes with the courier label built into the template.


Use our Xero POS system to run a fully barcoded warehouse

Scan items off the shelf to ensure the right items are picked in the right quantity

Our warehouse management system automatically prints courier labels, either on a 6×4 printer or A4 printer using labels to peel off.

Items are despatched and courier tracking codes are sent automatically to your customers


eCommerce Listing

Our ePos and Xero software is fully integrated with all your sales channels.

Once your products are loaded into Stok.ly, list items at the click of your mouse to any of your POS, eCommerce, telesales and field sales channels.

List simple items, bundles and variations (parent & child) items

Using our ePos and Xero software, every eCommerce channel can have unique prices, names, descriptions, images etc.

Manage the inventory that is shown on each channel, meaning you never miss out on selling opportunities and never sell items out of stock.


Sales Order management

Our ePos and Xero system automates the processing of your sales orders.

All your sales order feed into one Sales Order dashboard in real time

Take orders for delivery in-store, through telesales or field sales and your Xero.

Automated fulfilment rules process sales orders in batches and assign each sales order or item in sales orders to a location, courier and courier service.

Use our sales order management to schedule fulfilment rules to run and process your sales orders at specific times

Picklist rules automatically create pick lists for your team

Picklists can be broken up into individual picks, zonal picking, zonal batch picks or wave picking.

Picklists are pushed to the Stock App ready for picking

Use our warehouse software to match up order processing to your courier pick up times or warehouse shift patterns


Customer Analysis

Our customer insight tools segment your customers using logic based rules that you set up, to understand which customers are driving the profit in your business.

Segment customers by the frequency of purchase, the value of purchase or any number of dimensions that you control.

Quickly identify customers who change behaviour and stop purchasing from you

Advanced reports overlay customer purchase behaviour onto google maps and regional maps

Analyse your customers by what they purchase and personalise direct marketing based on their behaviour.

Use our “customers who bought this, also bought this” report to optimise web pages for associated products and personalise email marketing.

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