A seamless, free integration with Xero accounting software and your ePos and eCommerce channels.

Stok.ly delivers a free integration with Xero accounting software, pushing all your sales invoices to Xero. No data entry or exporting CSVs, once we plug into your Xero account (no development work required), all sales are pushed into Xero against your customer accounts. All sales from ePos, eCommerce, B2C and B2B channels are pushed to Xero. Stok.ly offers a complete Order management system and warehouse management system seamlessly integrated with Xero.

Cust costs, save time and grow your sales with Stok.ly.

Xero and Stok.ly

  • Plug and Play
  • Stok.ly plugs straight into Xero
  • No development work required
  • Full two-way communication between Stok.ly and Xero in real-time

Sales Invoices pushed straight to Xero

  • Stok.ly pushes your sales invoices created on ePos, B2B sales or eCommerce channels straight through to Xero.
  • All sales information is pushed to create sales invoices in Xero
  • Sales invoices are assigned to customer accounts in Xero
  • Account payments and part payments are assigned in Xero against existing sales invoices.

Xero and ePos


Stok.ly offers Xero customers a user-friendly, cloud-based ePos and stock control system that seamlessly integrates with eCommerce channels and marketplaces.

Manage your business through a single dashboard, accessible anytime, anywhere on any device for unlimited users.

Xero customers benefit from a multi-user, multi-location ePos system that works online and offline across windows, android and iOS.

Train your staff in minutes not hours.


Xero and eCommerce


Stok.ly offers Xero customers multichannel eCommerce listing, sales order management and fulfilment automation.

Stok.ly provides the toolset Xero users need to process 10s, 100s and 1000s of sales orders per day.

Streamline your sales order management with automation, which makes processing orders from multiple eCommerce, ePos and sales channels fast and efficient. 

Manage all your channels from one dashboard.

Sales orders arrive in real-time, into one dashboard, where you can filter, sort and view orders prior to running the automated fulfilment and pick rules.

Schedule sales order processing to achieve pick, pack and despatch efficiency.



Purchase Orders pushed straight to Xero


As purchase orders are raised in Stok.ly, they are pushed to Xero

Audit and manage your Purchase Orders and Goods In through Stok.ly and Xero


Xero and Inventory Management


Stok.ly provides real-time inventory control for your Xero accounting software from a central dashboard.

Make bulk updates to all your product data in Stok.ly and push these updates in real-time to your eCommerce and ePos channels.

Use Stok.ly’s customer insight tools to analyse your Xero customers and understand who is buying what, how often and how much they are spending, to effectively cross-sell and upsell.


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