Xero Order management system

Our Xero order management system makes selling using Xero easy.

If you use Xero, managing your inventory, listing to eCommerce and ePos, managing your sales orders, fulfilling your sales orders and analysing your customers will probably be your biggest challenges.
Stok.ly automates processes and saves Xero users time and money.
Grow your business across multiple channels and grow your sales.

Xero Order Management and Inventory control

tok.ly delivers Xero users real-time inventory control across all your channels

Our cloud-based Xero OMS inventory control offers unlimited users and our back office is available any time, across any device.

Multi-location inventory management with interbranch transfers

Stok.ly’s Xero Order management system helps Xero users manage purchase orders and goods in.

Create and manage simple items, bundles and variable (parent & child) items through our intuitive dashboard. 

Manage all your product data from one simple, intuitive dashboard.

Xero Order management and eCommerce Listing

  • Once your products are into Stok.ly, list items to eCommerce channels at the click of your mouse.
  • List simple items, bundles and variables (parent & child)
  • Every channel can have unique prices, names, descriptions, images etc. meaning you can optimise listings for Google search.
  • List the same SKU under different names to optimise your SEO and maximise sales
  • Limit the inventory shown on eBay to minimise eBay fees

Xero Sales Order Management


All your sales orders feed into one Sales Order dashboard in real-time

Automated fulfilment rules process sales orders in batches and assign each sales order or item in sales orders to a location, courier and courier service.

Schedule fulfilment rules to run and process your sales orders at specific times

Picklist rules automatically create pick lists for your team

Picklists are pushed to the Stock App ready for picking


Xero OMS – Fulfilment


Scan items off the shelf to ensure the right items are picked in the right quantity

When items arrive at your packing stations, packers simply pick up and scan the first item and the delivery note automatically opens.

Courier labels automatically print, either on a 6×4 printer or A4 printer using labels to peel off.

Items are despatched and courier tracking codes are sent automatically to your customers

The status of the order on your eCommerce channel is automatically updated to “despatched”


Xero OMS -Couriers


Stok.ly integrates with most of the major UK courier services.

All data is pushed directly to your courier at the point where sales orders are processed.

Courier labels can be printed on 6×4 label printers or on A4 delivery notes with the courier label built into the template.


Xero Order Management – Accounting


Our order management system integrates with Xero

Stok.ly pushes all Xero sales orders through to Xero, assigned to customer accounts.

Purchase orders and Goods In are pushed through to your Xero accounts

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