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Stok.ly delivers real time inventory control over ePos and eCommerce.

Cust costs, save time and grow your sales with Stok.ly.

eCommerce Retailers

Stok.ly is an eCommerce listing and sales order management solution combined with inventory management and eCommerce order fulfilment.

We combine Sales Order Management Software (OMS) with Warehouse Management Software (WMS) to optimize your processes, saving you time and money.

We are designed for eCommerce retailers in the UK who sell online across multiple channels.

Stok.ly delivers seamless, real time inventory control across your entire business.

Stok.ly offers a plug and play solution for non-technical teams, with no development work required.

One point of accountability to run your eCommerce business online and in your warehouse.

We designed Stok.ly differently, because we wanted to solve the problems eCommerce retailers face every day at the coal face.

Inventory Management

  • Stok.ly offers real time inventory management and stock control across your business, instore and online.
  • One inventory dashboard to manage all your items
  • Import and export your data using our CSV importer and exporter
  • Make bulk updates to product data which pushes automatically to your ePos and eCommerce channels
  • Stok.ly holds all your product data, so you have one version of the truth.
  • Create Purchase Orders automatically from within Stok.ly and send to suppliers around the globe
  • Receive Supplier Inventory feeds directly into Stok.ly
  • Scan Goods In to optimise processes around receiving goods and in real time, all your inventory across all channels updates.
  • Create and complete stock takes across multiple locations and teams.
  • Quickly create interbranch transfers with a full audit trail
  • Stok.ly stock management simplifies your day to day tasks and provides visibility in real time, to your entire team.

Multichannel eCommerce


Join up your eCommerce channels with our plug and play integrations
List your products to websites, eCommerce market places and social channels at the click of a mouse
List simple items, bundles and variable items at the click of your mouse from Stok.ly
List items in bulk and make bulk edits to products listed on your eCommerce channels
Every item on every channel can have unique prices, names, descriptions etc


Sales Order management system


Sales orders show on the sales order dashboard in real-time
Quickview empowers you to quickly scan sales orders
Schedule sales order processing to align with courier collection or shift patterns in your warehouse
Fulfilment rules automatically assign sales orders or items in a sales order to a courier and courier service.
All shipping information is pushed directly to your couriers and shipping labels are created.
Touchless sales order management is a reality with Stok.ly
Automate your sales order management and save time, cut costs and grow your business.


eCommerce Order Fulfilment


Stok.ly automates the pick, pack and despatch process to save you time, cut costs and help you grow your business.

When sales orders are processed, pick lists can be created automatically using Pick List Rules.

Assign items in your sales orders to pick lists in batches, create pick lists by teams or zones

Pick lists are sent automatically to your team via the Stock App, so they can start picking and packing 

This is true, no touch sales order processing 

Scan items as you pick them and scan as you pack for a full audit trail

Prevent the wrong items from being picked and packed to save time and money

Improve customer satisfaction with a reliable pick, pack and despatch.

Once a sales order is packed, print off courier labels on a 6×4 label printer or on A4 Goods Out Note templates using built-in labels.

When sales orders are despatched, courier tracking codes are sent to your customers

Sales orders on your eCommerce channels are updated to despatched status automatically

Stok.ly integrates with most of the UK’s top couriers.


Advanced Reports and Insight Tools


Advanced reporting provides real-time insight into:

– Sales

– Customers

– Suppliers

– Products

– Employees

Analyse your sales and products and gain clarity on what is driving profit in your business.

Segment and analyse your customers to understand who is driving profit in your business.

Understand which suppliers are winners and which are the losers.

Identify staff who are successful sellers and those who require training

Analyse sales across hours of the day to optimize staffing for peak sales periods.


Stock App


The Stock App makes it quick and easy to complete the following tasks:

– Goods In

– Stock Takes

– Picks

– Packing

– Courier Label printing

– Barcode label printing

– Despatch

Designed for rugged Android handheld PDAs, users enter a PIN and you have a full audit trail for every action completed by each member of your team.

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