Sales Order Processing

Touchless, automated sales order processing for every channel in one dashboard gives you total control automates sales order processing, making it easy to process 10, 100 or 10,000 orders in batches using our powerful fulfilment rules engine. Sales Orders are assigned to a courier and courier service automatically, saving you time and helping you get more done with the same head count. plugs straight into your eCommerce channels with no development work required. Once connected, all your sales orders arrive in our Sales Order dashboard in real time. Schedule sales order processing to suit your business model. Pick lists are created automatically using Pick List rules. Pick Lists are pushed straight to the Stock App for your team to start picking and packing. sales order processing helps you remove manual tasks, avoid human error and save time.

Automate the fulfilment of sales orders from every channel and location, all managed from one dashboard

The sales order dashboard

  • All your sales orders show in the dashboard in real time, without lags
  • Use our quick-view to see details of your sales orders from every channel
  • Add and remove detail columns from the sales order table to customise your view.
  • Filter sales orders by channel, customers, paid and unpaid orders
  • Fully interactive table to provide you with complete control of all orders in your system
  • Edit sales orders where delivery information is incorrect

Automated Fulfilment Rules

  • Using our logic based fulfilment rules, process your sales orders in bulk or manually
  • Fulfilment rules assign sales orders or specific items in sales orders to a location, courier and courier service
  • Use weight, dimensions, postcode, customers and other logic to assign orders to a courier and service
  • Break up sales orders for different couriers to minimise cost
  • Fulfilment rules run in bulk and highlight errors and warnings for you to action

Scheduled Order Processing


Schedule set times for your sales orders to process using automated fulfilment rules.

Schedule different times for different channels, couriers or customers.

Make sure you never run late on pick, pack and despatch for your couriers.

Once scheduled order processing is run, pick lists are pushed automatically to your teams Stock Apps for pick pack and despatch..




Automatically create pick lists to optimise the picking process for your business.
Utilise barcode scanning for accuracy and complete audit trail across your fulfilment process.
Simple and quick to train your team on – our intuitive Stock App for seasonal workers.
Scan items off the shelf as they are picked to maximise pick accuracy.
Prevent costly downstream errors by reducing errors at the pick stage.


Automated Pick Lists


Picklists are flexible and work for the size of your team and business.

Automated logic-based Pick List rules divide and group sales order items ready for Picking.

Distribute lists across multiple locations or zones in your warehouse.

Optimize process with individuals and teams picking in parallel.


Pick List Strategy


Single Picks: Pick sales orders one at a time.
Batch Picks: Pick all items batched from multiple sales orders into one Pick List.
Zonal Picks: Batch Pick sales orders and break picks up by zones in your stock room or warehouse.
Parallel Picks: Break batch picks up into zones or teams – batch pick in parallel.
Wave Picks: Schedule sales orders to process and push picks to your team when they start shifts.

Packing Accuracy and Courier Labels


Streamline your packing process with’s slick pack station features

Improve packing accuracy using barcode scanning and cut down on costly errors

Full audit trail by user and items packed to minimise errors

Courier Labels integrates with the major UK couriers pushes all customer and delivery information to your Couriers

Cut out data entry and human error saving time and money

Courier Labels on Goods Out Notes

Incorporate your courier labels into your Goods Out Notes

Bulk print your Goods Out Notes on A4 and peel off courier labels as you pack

Different templates to suit your business

Pick Lists Linked To Packing Stations


To maximise fulfilment efficiency, create pick lists according to packing station logic
Separate Picks for single or multi-item pack stations
Separate Picks for fragile, heavy, valuable or bulky item pack stations


Pack Station Efficiency

When the picking trolley arrives, simply pick up the first item, scan it:
– If only one item, once scanned and packed, automatically prints out your courier label and despatches the item
– If multiple items to pack, scan in extra items and automatically prints out your courier label and despatches the item once the last item is scanned.

Once despatched, completes the following actions:

1. Sends courier tracking code to your eCommerce channel to email to your customers

2. Updates your eCommerce channels order status to Despatched

3. Updates your couriers that the package is ready to collect

4. Updates your sales orders and inventory in to despatched


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