Advanced Retail Reports and Customer Insight tools delivers advanced retail reporting and customer insight tools in real time, from the cloud, meaning you and your team have the information you need to make the right decisions.

Our reporting suite brings data from every channel into one dashboard, so you can compere and contrast performance easily. Reporting covers sales, employees, customers, suppliers and products.

Customer insight tools help you segment customers by behaviour, spend, product purchase history and by many other dimensions, meaning you can personalise marketing and optimise web pages to improve your return on investment.

Standard Reports

Gross Sales Report

Real time reporting of gross sales by channel

Custom date range

Export granular detail of all transactions across every channel

CSV export perfect for upload into 3rd party accounting systems


Best sellers report

Real-time reporting of best sellers and slow movers by channel

Custom date ranges

Export granular detail of best sellers to filter by the supplier, category and much more


Stock held report

Real time reporting of stock held by location and by SKU

Inventory Warnings

Set minimum quantity held at item level

Automatic notification of all items that fall below minimum quantity held

Multi location – notification perlocation

Create purchase orders automatically from inventory warnings, by supplier or location or for all locations at the click of your mouse.

Customer Insight Tools

  • captures customer data automatically across eCommerce channels
    Customer data is added directly into
  • Capture customer data via ePos or sales teams
    Quick and easy to input customer data
  • Use logic based rules to segment customers by behaviour
    Real time data analysis
  • Understand frequency of purchase
  • Understand value of purchase
  • Understand purchase history
  • Identify customers who change purchase behaviour
  • Identify customers who spend less or stop spending with you

Advanced Retail Reports

Gross Sales Report

User-friendly dashboard providing comparison across daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance

Click through for granular sales data by channel, category, supplier, attributes and sku


Gross Sales Trend Report

Review sales by day, week, month, quarter and year

Filter for sales trends by channel, category, supplier, brand, attributes and sku


Sales Data Report

Detailed sales data report detailing sales performance by category and sku

Filter by channel, category, supplier, brand, attributes and sku

Custom date ranges


Employee Sales Report

Analyse the sales performance of your team

By hour, day, week, month, quarter and year

Total sales, number of baskets, average items in basket, average basket value, discounts and returns

Graphs show comparative performance between team members

Identify your winners and those that need support and training

Create effective staff rotas based on peak sales periods and your best sales people


Customer Basket Analysis

Amazon style report detailing customers who bought “this item” also bought “that item”

Displays your best sellers and the other items that were included in the basket at point of purchase

Understand which items to cross sell and up sell

Personalise marketing using data to grow sales by promoting the right items to the right people

Effectively group related items on website product pages using this insight


Customer and Sales Maps

Using google maps we overlay customer location data to show where your sales occur

Custom date ranges display changes in purchasing patterns across time lines

Understand the effect of marketing campaigns across different regions

Understand where your customers are and which customers are driving your sales growth

Basket Analysis

Displays all baskets sold for a custom date range and all items in basket

Filter by channel, category, supplier, brand, attributes and sku

Gain insight into your highest/lowest value baskets

Understand how to grow average basket value through associated purchase patterns


Manufacturer Report

Review brand and supplier sales performance

Custom date rages

Click through for supplier sales dashboard comparing daily, weekly, monthly and yearly performance

Click through for supplier performance by category and sku


Not Sold Since Report

Dashboard displays data across this month, last three, six and twelve month periods

Click through for granular detail on category and sku

Filter by channel, category, supplier, brand, attributes and sku


Cost of Stock Held Report

Dashboard style report displaying COGH by Category, supplier and location

Number of units and value of stock held

Click through for granular detail on suppliers, categories and sku


Stock Turn Report

Dashboard details stock turn rate by category, brand, supplier, channel and SKU

Understand which items are driving profit and which are costing your business money

Identify slow movers and release cash to buy more of your top-performing stock

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