Save time, money and enhance your customers’ delivery experience with Parcelhub. offers full integration with Parcelhub
Distributing more than 8 million parcels on its own carrier contracts every year, Parcelhub’s facilitates access to ‘pooled volume’​ discounted rates from its carefully selected range of carrier partners.
If you ship more than 50 parcels a day, Parcelhub might be able to save you money on courier rates.
Integration with Parcelhub is free from

UK’s Leading Multi-Carrier Provider

Parcelhub is the UK’s leading provider of multi-carrier delivery solutions and proactive tracking support. 

Flexible and scalable, its services integrate seamlessly with, providing hundreds of multi-channel retailers, global brands and wholesalers with one access point to 20+ carriers and 600+ delivery options. integration with Parcelhub offers a free integration with Parcelhub. provides order management software and warehouse management software that seamlessly integrates with Parcelhub to deliver a full end to end solution for retailers.

Combine’s automated sales order fulfilment rules with Parcelhub’s courier management rules to achieve outstanding optimisation through sales and fulfilment.

Multi-carrier delivery solutions
Proactive tracking support
Enhanced delivery management