Inventory Management offers a cloud based inventory management and stock control system for businesses selling instore and online, B2C and B2B. offers real time inventory management and stock control for businesses selling instore and online through websites and eCommerce marketplaces. is designed for B2C and B2B businesses selling via telesales, trade counters and field sales. Our cloud based inventory control software plugs straight into POS and eCommerce channels with no development work required. Once connected, you have real time inventory control across your entire business, including stores, eCommerce channels and your warehouse. As an item is sold on one channel, all other channels are updated in real time to ensure your inventory control is accurate. Scan Goods In as they arrive from suppliers and in real time, your inventory is updated on every channel. As you despatch items for delivery, your inventory is updated. is a user friendly stock control system that is easy to train your team on. Use our Stock App to make day to day tasks in your warehouse quick to complete and accurate using barcode scanning.

Cust costs, save time and grow your sales with Inventory Management

Inventory Management that automates your day to day tasks. offers a cloud-based stock control system, providing real-time inventory control across all your channels, in-store, online, via telesales and through field sales.

  • Unlimited users, accessing your data anytime, anywhere.
  • The Stock App helps your team complete daily tasks quickly and accurately
  • Manage Purchase Orders and Suppliers
  • Efficiently process Goods In, Stock Takes, Inter branch stock transfers and stock adjustments.
  • Pick, pack and despatch your sales orders via your couriers
  • Detailed insight into sales, suppliers, products and customers, meaning you can run a leaner inventory
  • Inventory management reports identify your winners and your slow moving products
  • Use Advanced Inventory Reports to cross-sell and up-sell effectively to your customers

Real Time Inventory

  • offers real time inventory management across all your channels, instore using ePos, online using websites & eCommerce marketplaces and across your sales teams.
  • If an item is sold, say on your website, will update all your other channels in real time to ensure your inventory management is always accurate.
  • This means you don’t sell items that are out of stock and you don’t miss out on selling items that you have in stock.

Manage products and channels from one dashboard

Product Data in One Place is different to most competitors, in that you hold all your product data in one place and access your products via an easy to use dashboard.

Our stock control system means you have one version of the truth when it comes to your products and all changes to your products is made through a single dashboard. handles all your products including Simple Items, bundles and variables.

Our inventory management system places you in control of all your product data, through one dashboard, making adding, editing and deleting products and product data simple.

Once your products are in, decide what data to push through to each eCommerce channel and provide completely bespoke product data for each channel.


Multichannel Pricing

Using our multichannel stock control software, you can create unique prices, titles, descriptions and product attribute for each eCommerce channel.

Sell in-store and online at different prices, create optimized product titles for eBay or your website to maximise visibility in search engine rankings.

Our unique stock management system enables you to update prices, titles, descriptions and attributes in bulk and at the click of your mouse, push your bespoke data to every channel in real-time, meaning you save time and cut costs on labour and body count.


Multichannel Inventory Features

Our multi-channel inventory management software offers a number of helpful features to assist you in controlling your inventory across multiple channels.

Fallback inventory enables you to control the inventory shown for an Item on a given eCommerce channel. For example, set fallback inventory for SKU1234 to 5 on your website and that item will always show an inventory of 5 to your customers.

Never miss a selling opportunity if you can replenish in time to fulfil orders or motivate customers to “buy now” showing only a couple of items left in stock…. The fear of missing out is a great motivation tool. 

On eBay, control the number of items listed, to minimise eBay selling fees and maximise the number of SKUs you can list.

Inventory Management That Places You In Control

Barcoded Inventory

Using our Inventory Control software, you can run a fully barcoded stock room or warehouse.

A complete barcode label printing solution is included with, meaning you can create and print barcodes to attach to your products.

Multi Location eCommerce Inventory Control

Our flexible stock control system means you can choose which locations list stock to each channel.

Perhaps you only want inventory showing on your website from your warehouse and not your shops or you want to fulfil all orders from one location. enables you to control what inventory is shown on each channel, by location.

Import Supplier Feeds

Automatically import supplier inventory and price updates directly into

Suppliers provide a CSV export of SKU, inventory and price and our Stock control system will import this data and automatically update each SKU in real time.

These feeds can supplement the inventory shown on your eCommerce and sales channels, so you never miss a selling opportunity.

CSV Import and Export inventory management software enables the free import and export of all your product and customer data.
Use our CSV import templates to create and edit items in bulk.
Edit supplier information and cost price in bulk.
Create and edit bundles and variable items in bulk.
Create, edit and push updates for 10s, 100s or 1000s of items in bulk across multiple channels at the click of your mouse.

Multi Location

Our stock management system supports multi-location inventory control and fulfilment 

Set up as many locations as required.

See the real-time analysis of stock on order, on hand and in fulfilment.

Manage Interbranch transfers, using internal transfer or via couriers.

Interbranch transfers provide a complete audit trail of stock as it moves from location to location.

Stock Takes and Adjustments

Set up stock takes by location for your team to complete.

Use the handy Stock App to complete stock takes or pair a scanner to your laptop or tablet and complete through the back office.

Run rolling stock takes and retains a full audit trail in for your accountant and HMRC.

Select specific items, categories or brands to stock take, or simply scan items into the stock take as you go, creating the stock take on the fly.

Purchase Orders & Supplier Management

Create purchase orders and send them directly from to your suppliers

Use our Inventory Warnings report to identify items below your minimum quantity and automatically create purchase orders

Duplicate previous Purchase Orders to save time.

Use our advanced reports to analyse which products, categories and suppliers are making you money and which are costing you money.

Use data to efficiently manage suppliers and forecast demand.

Goods In

Our inventory management software makes receiving goods into your warehouse fast and efficient with barcode scanning on the Stock App.

When goods arrive, receive them against an existing purchase order or simply open up a new Goods Receipt and simply scan items in.

As goods are scanned in, our multichannel inventory control system automatically updates inventory across every channel, in-store and online in real-time.

Use the Stock App to make receiving goods fast and efficient or pair a scanner to your laptop or tablet and complete through the back office.

Barcode Printing

Import barcodes or create your own barcodes as you create new products.

Print out barcode labels at the point of receiving goods to enjoy a fully barcoded inventory solution in-store and in your warehouse.

Use barcodes in your warehouse to improve sales order picking and packing accuracy.

Reports and The Stock App

Insight Tools and Advanced Reports


Our inventory management software provides a range of insight tools and reports to help you understand who and what is driving your sales.

Our customer insight tools let you segment customers based on behaviour.

Understand who is buying from you in-store, online and across your sales channels, how frequently they purchase, the value of their activity and if they change their buying behaviour.

Our Advanced Reports enable you to analyse the products that are driving profit, sales patterns, turn rates, complementary products and where sales are taking place.

Make the right decisions using our inventory management insight tools to run a lean inventory, only invest in your stock winners and cut the stock losers that cost you money and tie up your cash.

Find out more about Reporting and Insight Tools


The Stock App


The android Stock App makes completing day to day inventory management tasks fast and efficient.

The Stock App enables your team to:

– Receive goods in, 

– Complete stock sakes

– Pick accurately

– Pack efficiently

– Print courier labels

– Despatch items and update eCommerce Channels

– Send courier tracking codes to customers

Find out more about The Stock App

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