Stok.ly eCommerce Inventory Management and shipping for eBay provides a full audit trail from point of sale to despatch via your couriers

Stok.ly plugs straight into eBay, no development work is required. Once connected, Stok.ly delivers full inventory management for your eBay accounts. List your items to eBay in bulk, managing your item specifics and custom specifics. Sales orders from eBay are pulled into Stok.ly in real time ready to process, pick and pack. Stok.ly integrates with your couriers to enable courier label printing at the pack station. Bulk edit your items in eBay, including prices, descriptions, item specifics and images. Stok.ly offers a full Order Management and Warehouse Management system for eBay sellers.

Cust costs, save time and grow your sales with Stok.ly.

eBay and Stok.ly

  • Plug and Play
  • Stok.ly plugs straight into eBay
  • No development work required
  • Full two-way communication between Stok.ly and eBay in real-time

eBay Inventory Management

  • Stok.ly provides real-time inventory control of your eBay website from a central dashboard.
  • Make bulk updates to all your product data in one place and push this through in real-time to your eBay website.
  • As an item is sold on one of your other eCommerce channels, eBay inventory will update in real-time.
  • Use our advanced reporting to understand your sales in detail and forecast demand and purchasing more accurately.
  • Analyse your eBay customers, who is buying what, how often and how much they are spending to cross-sell and upsell.

eBay Listing


List in bulk, quickly and in real-time to eBay

As you list items, Stok.ly creates full product pages on eBay

List and manage simple items, bundle items and variable items with all their child products

Make bulk edits to all your product data in real-time through the Stok.ly dashboard

Manage metadata and HTML product page SEO all from Stok.ly including H1, H2 tags

All changes to your products pricing etc made in Stok.ly automatically synch with your eBay website.


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eBay Sales Order Management


See all your sales orders from eBay and all other eCommerce channels in one sales order dashboard.

Sales orders appear automatically and in real-time in your Stok.ly sales order dashboard.

Search and filter for your eBay orders in the sales dashboard

Batch process sales orders, through automated fulfilment rules that assign each sales order to a courier and courier service.

Sales order processing can be scheduled to run at specific times or run manually


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eBay Pick Pack and Despatch


Once sales orders are processed you can automatically create pick lists

Break pick lists into zones, with teams picking in parallel or schedule wave picks to match your shift patterns

Picklists are sent directly to the Stock App for your teams on the floor to action

Print pick lists or use printed Goods Out Notes to pick individual sales orders.

Goods Out Notes can be configured to include courier labels

Packing stations are optimised, with users scanning an item, packing, printing courier labels and despatching items.

Stok.ly updates your eBay channel to show sales orders despatched

Stock.ly sends the courier tracking code to eBay to send to customers

Stok.ly updates your couriers that the package is ready for collection


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