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Looking for an alternative to Linnworks? offers full OMS and WMS with handheld devices to receive Goods In, Stock Take, Pick, Pack and Despatch. We will usually beat your Linnworks quote.

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Order Management and Warehouse Management

Order Management eCommerce integrates with websites and marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Magento, WooCommerce and Shopify. offers a sophisticated ePos system and provides B2B order taking with quotes, trade pricing and customer account management.

List to all your channels from and manage bulk product edits to all your channels from our easy to use back office.

Warehouse Management

Real time inventory management across all your channels.

Scan Goods In using the Stock App and in real time, inventory is updated across all your channels.

Multi-location inventory across stores and warehouses with audit trails on branch transfers.

Sophisticated inventory management for your warehouse and stores.

Purchase orders and Inventory Demand Planning tools help you reduce cost of stock held.

Touchless Sales Order Processing

Fulfilment rules automatically assign sales orders to couriers and courier service.

Pick List rules automatically create Pick Lists which are pushed directly to the Stock App for picking and packing.

Streamlined packing means scanning goods in, printing labels and despatch.

Listing Tools
Listing and Bulk Editing

Fast Listing Tools holds all your product data in one easy to use dashboard

Map attributes to fields in your eCommerce channels.

List items from to your eCommerce channels at the click of your mouse.

Bulk Item Edits

Make bulk edits to your items across all your channels.

Edits and updates appear in real time across all your channels.

Easy and fast to make edits from one dashboard.
Digital Pick Lists and Packing

Digital Pick Lists

Digital Pick Lists help your team complete more in less time.

Scan items off the shelf and prevent downstream problems at packing stations or worse, sending out the wrong items to customers.

Pick lists can be created by Item Category, Courier, Zones, Teams or use flexible TAGS to create completely bespoke logic for your Pick Lists.

Batch picking, Zonal picking and Wave picking are all supported.


Scan items off the trolley and your Goods Out Note opens.

Scan items into the box to ensure the correct item and quantity are packed.

Print off courier labels, despatch items and your eCommerce channel is updated and courier tracking code sent to your customer.

The Stock App

The Stock App makes completing daily tasks fast and efficient.

  1. Scan Goods In (all eCommerce channels inventory is updated in real time).
  2. Stock Takes (create stock takes across multiple locations)
  3. Pick Lists (digital pick lists reduce pick errors and create warehouse efficiencies)
  4. Packing (digital packing reduces errors and saves you money on returns)
  5. Print barcode labels (run a fully barcoded warehouse)
  6. Print courier labels (print courier labels or use Goods Out Note A4 templates)
  7. Despatching orders (update eCommerce channels and send out courier tracking codes)

Advanced Reports and Customer Insight

Advanced Reporting

Reports brings all your channel data together into one dashboard to give you the big picture.

Click through dashboards to view detail on Categories and Items.

Our detailed reporting suite provides insight into:

  1. Sales (across all your channels)
  2. Suppliers
  3. Employees
  4. Customers
  5. Products

Customer Insight delivers customer insight, meaning you can personalise marketing and optimise web pages to show complementary items that increase sales and average basket value.

Logic based rules segment customers by behaviour in real time.

Detailed reports segment customers by purchase history.

Understand which customers drive profit in your business and know immediately when customers change their buying behaviour.

Personalise email and SMS marketing to increase your return on investment.

Create loyal customers.



Full, seamless integrations.

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