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Sales Order Management and Listing Tools offers automation of your sales order management, meaning you can focus on scaling your business. Bulk listing to all your ecommerce channels at the click of your mouse, saves time and helps you scale. Manage all your products, across every channel from one dashboard.

Our unique approach to bulk listing makes it fast and easy to list, edit and update your products across every channel. Get more done with less cost creating more profit.
Our cloud retail ePos solution is used by companies including Fuji Film in their London superstore and by the NHS across the largest trust in London. Retail ePos works online and offline across Windows, iOS and Android. support B2B sales for trade desks, telesales and field sales. Manage customer accounts, deliver quotes, trade prices and delivery.
Our Open API means we can integrate with any software, comes with full documentation and employs the latest REST design methodology.

Scale your business with multichannel sales order management and automation.

Sales Order Management provides the toolset you need to process 10s, 100s and 1000s of orders per day.

Streamline your sales order management with automation, which makes processing orders from multiple eCommerce, ePos and sales channels fast and efficient. 

  • Manage all your channels from one dashboard.
  • Sales orders arrive in real time, into one dashboard, where you can filter, sort and view orders prior to running the automated fulfilment and pick rules.
  • Schedule sales order processing to achieve pick, pack and despatch efficiency.
  • Save hours on processing orders manually.
  • Remove human error from the process.
  • Use software that allows your team to focus on picking and packing for despatch, not data entry.
  • Fulfilment rules assign sales orders to a location, a courier and a courier service.
  • Pick list rules create picklists for individuals or teams picking in parallel.
  • Couriers are integrated so no data entry – we push all customer delivery information via API

Multichannel eCommerce


Scale your eCommerce business using our unique bulk listing tools, real-time inventory management, sales order management and fulfilment software.

Manage all your eCommerce channels from one dashboard.


Fast bulk listing of your products to your eCommerce websites and marketplaces at the click of a mouse.

Automated bulk sales order fulfilment via logic-based rules.

Pick lists created automatically and distributed to your warehouse team on our Stock App.

Streamlined packing process to save time, avoid errors and cut costs.

Courier integration delivering tracking codes to your customers via your eCommerce channels 


Adopt optimized processes that save you money, save time and enable you to fulfil more orders with the same team. automates the manual tasks removing data entry errors

With our customer insight tools and advanced reporting, understand which products and customers drive your profits across each channel.

Listing Tools

Unique Listing Tools offers unique listing tools that you will not find with any of our competitors.

Our unique Store Scan feature, means you simply import your items into from existing eCommerce channels.

Once your products are in, you can list in bulk to any or all of your eCommerce channels at the click of your mouse.

Scale your eCommerce business fast and enjoy economies of scale that cut costs and improve profits

Real Time Listing

When you list items, creates complete product pages on your website or listings on your market places.

Listings happen in real time. manages custom attributes and can communicate with and populate 3rd party plugins.

Bulk Edit Data

Manage all your product data including pricing, images, attributes.

List simple items, bundles and variable items with child products at the click of your mouse.

Bulk edit your items in and all changes are pushed real time to your eCommerce channels.

Don’t waste money on wages or hiring staff to manage your eCommerce channels, automate the process with and seriously cut your cost of sale.


  • User friendly, cloud based ePos and stock control that comes seamlessly integrated with eCommerce channels and marketplaces.
  • Manage your business through a single dashboard, accessible anytime, anywhere on any device for unlimited users.
  • Multi user and multi location, our ePos works online and offline across windows, android and iOS.
  • Train your staff in minutes.
  • captures critical data on sales, customers, stock and employees. This means you can access meaningful insight through our reports, helping you drive sales growth while cutting costs.

B2B Sales

One dashboard

Manage your entire B2B sales across all channels within

Scale your sales while managing customer accounts and cutting costs on stock holding.

One dashboard to manage every step from purchasing to sales order fulfilment.

Sales & Order fulfilment delivers real time inventory control across all your channels.

Manage quotes, trade pricing and deliver monthly statements through makes order taking a fast and accurate process on eCommerce, telesales or with field sales agents sitting face to face with clients. 

Create customer groups to ensure every customer receives the right pricing and sales promotions

Push orders directly to your warehouse for fulfilment and despatch 

Total Control

One platform to manage your entire business, across eCommerce, telesales, field sales, wholesale, trade desks and cash desks. delivers one end to end order management system providing a full audit trail from quotes, point of sale and through to despatch from your warehouse.


Complete warehouse management to optimise purchasing, Goods In, sales order processing and pick, pack and despatch.

Website Platforms


Open API

The Open API provides access to all the data held in your account.

Use the Open API and make use of’s powerful functionality from within your own applications.

We have developed a modern, fast and lightweight API based on proven technologies (HTTP, JSON) and design principles (REST). 

Our customers integrate a variety of 3rd party apps, SaaS and reporting software into via the Open API.