B2B Sales

Stok.ly delivers B2B sales functionality

Order History

Complete customer order history 

Search and view quotes and sales orders

View current inventory across all locations and eCommerce in real-time




create quotes and email through to customers

edit quotes

create custom discounts and promotions

Transform quotes into sales orders and process ready for delivery


Trade Pricing


Create multiple prices for every product

Trade prices are applied automatically 

Create custom discounts for customer groups

Create custom promotions for customer groups


Customer Statements


Email out customer statements on demand

Credit Limits


Set credit limits at account set up 

Enable manager override on credit limits


Payments on Account, Discounts and Part Payments


Take payments on account

Take deposits

Take part payments


Trade desks and cash desks


User-friendly ePos terminal

Quick to train staff on

Customer accounts

Add Delivery details and courier options to sales orders 




Fast and easy to use

Quickly find customer accounts

Process quotes and sales orders against customer accounts

Reference past orders and quotes quickly on one screen

Push sales for delivery through to your warehouse team


Field Sales


Full order taking on a tablet or laptop

Process quotes and sales orders against customer accounts

Works online/offline

Push sales orders through to the warehouse for fulfilment